Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

These Adidas Stan Smiths shoes are initially used for the tennis courts but now it`s also use in street fashion. The first ones are the white ones which was in stores last January 15, 2014 and the suede ones were in stores last March of 2014. I want the red suede one, now! Though I also want the seafoam suede one but for practical purposes, I better get/want the red one. I hope you will be in my hands one of these days, Adidas Stan Smith!

Photos: Tennis Buzz

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Snippets

This might be late but as I always say here, late is better than never. Who agrees? My New Year is not really that special. To show you how the first days of my 2015 was spent, I will show you some of my New Year snippets.

December 31, 2014: Spent the New Year's eve with this bunch.
January 2, 2015: Went malling with the sisters and the cousins. Went cutie-patootie in purikura with the sisterakas.
January 3, 2015: Had a joyride going to Toki Premium Outlet and stopped along the road to have pictures in the snow.
Wishing everyone of us a year full of health, happiness, peace, love, joy, and more travels and adventures worth sharing. Come back as often as you could as I will also try to be a better blogger this year of the ram.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Food Tripping in Cebu

Well, hello there! Yes! My detour is in Cebu. From Kuala Lumpur, I flew with Air Asia to Cebu and stay there for almost 24 hours. Arrived almost 3pm and met with a co-teacher to stay at her place. Also, the reason for a little stopover at the Queen City of  the South is a little food tripping. 

1. For dinner, we have some buffet at Grand Majestic located in Grand Convention Center. For dinner buffet, 599Php per head is inclusive of drinks. The restaurant has different kinds of food to choose from. From salads to main courses to dimsums to desserts, every kind has it.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Malaysia, Truly Asia!

After all those Bali, Indonesia posts, let`s head ourselves to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur! From Denpasar, I flew via Malaysia Airlines. Arrived at the beautiful KLIA in the afternoon. Went to the airport`s foreign exchange and had my remaining rupiahs and some yen in exchange for ringgits.  To get to the center, there are many ways to get to. There are buses, taxis and express train. I chose the KLIA express train to get to KL Seentral and transfer to monorail line to get to Bukit Bintang for my booked accomodation (Al Jafs Hotel) via
It`s been raining cats and dogs since I arrived so I rest for a while and waited until the rain stop. Went out and have some light dinner and walked around Bukit Bintang station. Nearby are the Lot10 department store, Pavilion mall, Times Square and Sephora. After checking these stores, went back to the hotel for some needed rest for tomorrow`s long itinerary. I had only 2 nights and a whole day in Malaysia before going home in the Philippines. So, after planning my next day`s itinerary, had some hot bath and went to sleep.