Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 Favorite International-based Bloggers

It`s been a while since I posted my 5 favorite Philippine-based bloggers here in the blog. If you didn`t check it out yet, you can read it HERE. For this post, I would like to share my favorite bloggers from any part of the world, not  in particular order though. I guess many of you know these bloggers, so high five for that! We`re in the same circle.

@mariannnan. She is a 24 year old fashion blogger from Helsinki, Finland. Almost 199,000 followers in Instagram. I love her blog. You can read it HERE. From her classic, cool, and clean fashion taste, to her beautiful pictures shared on the blog, up to her travel stories anywhere, I envy her. One of my girl crushes. "If I were a boy..."(insert my shameless singing here...)

@brunetteblogging. She is Kim Siroyt blogging at Brunette Blogging from Belgium. Currently has 1,746 followers in Instagram. She is a fashion blogger who also travels often. I also like her traditional sometimes preppy sometimes chic sometimes boyish fashion taste. Also, I want to experience where she travels. Hoping soon...

@flyingfashionblogger. Shalane is a flight attendant of KLM Airlines slashed fashion blogger based on Utrecht, The Netherlands. I love her travels around Europe and backpacking trips around Asia with her boyfriend which is a KLM Airlines pilot. What a perfect pair, right? Currently, she has 8,581 followers in Instagram. She is also in Bali, Indonesia with her boyfriend right now. Makes me wanna go back to Bali. Let me be, please!? Make time to visit and know more about her fashion styles and layover trips in The Fashion Moodboard.

@worldofwanderlust. When I encountered her blog, World of Wonderlust in Bloglovin`, I immediately fell in love with her travel blog. Almost I read all her post about solo traveling around the world, tips and advices in traveling, hotel reviews, etc. The girl behind this blog is Brooke Saward from Tasmania, Australia. She has 153,000 followers from around the world in Instagram. By the way, she published her first book, The World of Wonderlust Story. I so envy her life now, a full time traveler and every now and then she is in this part of the world. How I wish to be like her... Sponsors, sponsors, notice me, notice me... LOL.

@handluggageonly. I guess all the first four bloggers are girls, so for now, let me introduce to you my 2 thorns among the roses favorite bloggers. They are UK travel bloggers Yaya and Lloyd from Hand Luggage Only. Instagram followers are 3,016 people. They are traveling every part of the world with just their backpacks, thus, Hand Luggage Only was born to share their expereinces. I discovered their blog in Bloglovin` and I am glad I found their blog. Their posts are so informative, photos are in high-quality and the places they`ve been to were all awe-spiring. I hope I can fill my passport with all those immigration stamps around the world just like these two lads.

That`s it for my 5 picks bloggers around the world. Who are yours? Feel free to share it.

PS: Photos are grabbed from theirr respective blogs.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Unplanned Visit To Nagoya Castle

It was Golden Week here in Japan last week. Since I can't enjoy the holiday due to work, I went outside together with the sister one afternoon during my usual day off. Without planning where to go, we decided as fast as we can where to go near the area. I wasn't able to visit the famous castle of Nagoya since I've been here and the sister also, it was decided then. Nagoya castle, here we go!

From Nagoya, take the Higashiyama line to Sakae and change trains to the Meijo line and drop at Shiyakusho station and exit and at Exit 7. Upon exiting, just a small walk and you're right there.

The place is open 10:00-16:30 amd the last admission is 16:00. We arrived at the place 15:00 so we only have a hour and a half to tour the area, we should be fast and hurry to climb the 7 floors of the castle.

The admission fee is 500JPY for adults. We were welcomed by this person and took a photo with him. Then move on to the castle. There's no so much picture in here since I wasn't able again to bring my camera and since I was not in the mood to take pictures with the iPhone6, I was only able to shoot these pictures. We will be back soon to share more good pictures. For now, please be patient and I hope you will still enjoy these unjustice pictures.
From here, you can see the castle in different angles with some selfies in between. LOL.
Button-down: Clef de Sol from Japan
Top: H&M
Pants: Uniqlo
Sneakers: Puma
Watch: Timex
Backpack: Jansport

Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 2015 Through iPhone

1&2. Started the month with a visit to watch the cherry blossoms festival in Kakamigahara city. You can read my 2015 sakura experience HERE.
3. Passed by a red tulip flower and now wishing I am in Holland.
4. Centrair with the relatives and this kiddo to fetch the relatives whose coming from the Philippines to spend summer here.
Watched the cherry blossoms with these company...
A throwback picture from college! Picture taking before marching for graduation with these cccrrraaazzzyyy people! Missing all of you. See you soon!
And let's end this first post for the month of May with my shameless selfies.
1. During my unplanned visit to Nagoya castle with the sister. Post about this trip will come out soon here in ze blog and 2. An of course edited selfie before sleeping early in the morning.

I may still don't know where I will be this May but join me and let's wait for its summary next month. Bye for now! Talk to you at the comment section. Comments are appreciated.:)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Project 17 of 365: Sakura Hanami 2015

Weather is grey and rainy these past few days up to now, but thankful for a good weather last Saturday, I was able to watch the sakura in full bloom in one of the most popular places when it comes to sakura watching in Japan. Went to Kakamigahara, Gifu for their sakura festival. The place was crowded, many food stalls to choose from, many people were laying their mats below those sakura trees and had BBQ while watching the beauty of those blooming flowers. As usual, sakura will leave you in awe. Always. Period. I've seen it more than once but I can't get enough of it. It's been my 4th year experiencing the sakura season and still, it feels like the first time. By the way, here are some photos for you not to drool for but in able for you to see its beauty even if you cannot make it to Japan to experience it. I brought my camera without checking it beforehand so I end up not able to use it because of a drained battery. Lesson learned: Always, always check your camera beforehand. Don't just always rely on you memory instincts. So, these iPhone6 pictures might not justify its beauty but at least I try. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 2015 Through iPhone

1. A powered breakfast before starting my week on a Sunday. My work starts on a Sunday evening until Friday morning.
2. Had some lunch with the sissums in a nearby tonkatsu restaurant.
3&4. An early trip to the airport (NGO) to send off my cousin whose going home for 2 weeks. Watching people checking in and airplanes flying wants me to fly again and off somewhere I've never been. But I know, SOOOOOON.
After sending off the cousin, went home and then Went to Osu-Kannon located near Nagoya with the sister to accompany her for some weekend jaunt. Went to Sakae after. It was a tiring Saturday for me.
1. A returned favor for Japan's White day. It's too cute, I can't eat it. (Until now, I didn't eat it. Later, maybe.)
2. Received a piece of high class meat and turned out to be good with some coffee.
3. Flowers were blooming all around the area. Spring has sprung already. It's time for those light clothes, great weather, and cherry blossoms watching.
4. A random Friday morning coffee with lola and her husband.
A "le me take a selfie" first before that big red bump in the left cheek turns into a pimple. #GirlProblems
Morning coffee/bye bye party for lola with this small circle of people while waiting for the rain to stop in able to enjoy sakura hanami, but unfortunately, weather did not permit us. Went home disappointed.

Sorry for the late post of what my March 2015 has been. I hope you got updated. Be updated by following my Instagram or Twitter accounts. All are @jenponix. See yah!